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Ukrainian Artist Anatoly Schmakov

Am primit acest apel care merita toata atentia noastra:

Ukrainian Artist Anatoly Schmakov


1n 2019 I was in Ukraine for ten days on an Erasmus exchange.     In Kiev I met an astonishing artist Anatoly Schmakov.   Anatoly’s work is best described as ‘naïve’ painting.  Ukraine has a rich tradition of classic, modernist and naïve art.

Using ‘google translate’ Anatoly and I have stayed in contact.  I showed four of his paintings at the Supreme Collaborators’ Swansea exhibition earlier this year.  One of these painting sold to an artist-buyer with a very experienced knowledge of art.

Anatoly is an individual in his forties and shows his work from a doorstep on ‘Andriyivski Descent’.  He doesn’t even have a table let alone a bench or stand. 

I am raising funds to support Anatoly with the hope of bringing more of his work and even possibly the artist himself to Wales. 

When the war started he wrote to me asking if I might send $500 (US) so that he could buy materials.   I’d like to raise £500 and send it to him    I have asked the Brititish Council in Kiev if they will assist but am not optimistic.   Anatoly has just recently invited me to visit Kiev in person but I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

Please do not feel embarrassed if you don’t want to respond to this letter – I well understand crowd-funding fatigue.   Regarding Ukraine Georgeta recently raised £3,540 and this went straight to frontline refugee projects at the Romanian border, near where she is from.   This one is my own idea.

I’m writing to all who took part in Supreme Collaborators and all who took part in Imagined Invited, as well as a few others.   The collection tin is therefore going out to a limited number of people that I believe might be interested. I am not sending a group message but writing individually. Please share the message as you wish.  Contributions of any modest range welcome.


Please contact me directly and I’ll give you bank details and answer any questions.

I’m attaching a PDF to complete the story.  

Best wishes, cofion gorau